2024 Installation of Officers & Awards Ceremony
By Southern Maryland Volunteers
May 6, 2024

On April 28, 2024, the Southern Maryland Volunteer Firemen's Association convened for our annual memorial service and installation of officers, marking a significant moment of continuity and renewal in our organization's legacy.


Heartfelt congratulations are extended to the newly elected officers who have assumed pivotal roles within the association:

  • President: JW King
  • 1st Vice President: Tom Mattingly Jr.
  • 2nd Vice President: John Pardoe
  • Secretary: Darby Byrd
  • Treasurer: Joseph "Charlie" Bradburn
  • Chaplain: George Kennett

Amidst this occasion, we paid homage to the exemplary service and dedication exemplified by our esteemed colleagues, inducting them into the Southern Maryland Volunteer Firemen's Association Hall of Fame. The 2024 Hall of Fame inductees are as follows:

  • Paul McCormick - Bryans Road VFD&RS
  • Francis Kilinski Jr. - Cobb Island VFD&RS
  • Antwan Thomas - Hughesville VFD&RS
  • Craig Kavlick - Potomac Heights VFD& RS
  • Joseph Ford - Solomons VRSFD
  • Donald Johnson - Hollywood VFD
  • Brian Cooper - Ridge VFD
  • Timothy Ridgell * - Ridge VFD
  • Carol Boehm - Second District VFD&RS
  • Stephen Gibson Sr. - Seventh District VFD
  • Brice Trossbach ** - Leonardtown VFD
    (* Posthumously, ** Special Inductee)

The ceremony also served as a platform to acknowledge outstanding achievements in various categories:

  • Fire Prevention Awards:
    • Overall Winner: Ridge (Duke Award)
    • Class II: Benedict (1st)
    • Class III: Newburg (1st), Potomac Heights (2nd)
    • Class IV: Ridge (1st), Second District (2nd)
    • Class V: Bay District (1st), Mechanicsville (2nd), Solomons (3rd)
  • Fire Prevention Special Project: Ridge (1st), Bay District (2nd), Mechanicsville (3rd)
  • Father Aloysius Newnan Chaplain’s Award: David Cullison (RVFD)
  • Frank R. Cotrufo Jr. Memorial Safety Leadership Award: Philip Ridgell (RVFD)
  • W. David Gott Memorial Fire Prevention Leadership Award: Scot Best (RVFD)
  • Unit Citations:
    • Horse & Buggy accident in Loveville: SMCALS, LVFD, MVFD
    • Water Rescue: Solomons VFDRS
  • Chaplain Emeritus: Chaplain Joe Gardiner
  • Honor Guard acknowledgment: Chuck Pembelton for exemplary service
  • Recognition of 55 years of MFRI instruction: R. Keith Fairfax
  • President's Award: Chaplain Joe Gardiner

This gathering not only honors the past achievements but also fortifies our commitment to excellence and service in the Southern Maryland community.

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